Spandex Yarn

Spandex is a synthetic fiber known for very good elasticity. It is used for weaving strecthable fabrics & Another common production practice is knitting bare or covered Spandex yarn for form the garment, where one yarn appears on the front and the other on the back of the fabric.
Covered Spandex is also utilised for various manufacturing processes such as narrow elastics, socks , denims etc. The covering of the Yarn involves wrapping the Spandex in the main yarn so that Spandex becomes the yarn’s core material.


Four processes are used for the covering of Spandex Yarn: Single covered: Nylon or any other fibre used, is wrapped in a spiral around the Spandex. Double covered: Spandex yarn is wrapped in two layers of nylon or any other fabric used. One rotates clockwise and the other anticlockwise.It is used in yarn intended for the production of high quality sheer tights. Air covered: Spandex is intermingled with Nylon or polyester yarns through a jet of air. Core-spun: During the yarn manufacturing process the Spandex is covered with a coating of fibres. Section: Circular mono and multifilament. Count: From 8 to 1,880 dtex. Brightness: Shiny, semi-transparent, transparent, opaque. Color: Black, Raw White, Nylon Dyeable.
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